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The Teer Family has been associated with Construction and Development since the turn of the Century. In 1906, Nello L. Teer, Rob Teer's grandfather then an 18 year old brickyard workman suffered the loss of his hand in an unfortunate on-site accident. But young Nello Teer was a man of vision and strong work ethic who turned an obstacle into an opportunity.  He started over. Working with rented mules and equipment, he began clearing and grading land.

Nello L. Teer worked hard during the economic boom of the early twentieth century, and over the years built a thriving operation, which expanded across the country and world.

Robert D. Teer, Jr. is the grandson of Nello L. Teer, raised in the family tradition of perseverance, insight and excellence. Like his grandfather, he has worked diligently to acquire an intricate understanding of the construction and development industries while pursuing a formal education in a variety of areas.





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