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Teer's Philosophy

"Values.  My Father; Uncle and Grandfather taught me that the values an organization upholds are its greatest strengths.  They instilled in me a work ethic built upon the high level of honesty and integrity with which we approach life.  I have, over the course of three decades in real estate development and management, kept this advice as a top priority.   Honesty and integrity, from the way we recruit professionals into our organization, to the clients we work with, to the way we develop and manage our properties - these values are the Teer tradition.

When I've been asked to explain what I do as a Developer, I've likened my position to that of an orchestra leader.  It is my responsibility to coordinate all aspects - the land development, architectural design, construction management, budget preparation, landscaping and tenant requirements - ensuring that all elements are completed on time and within budget.

Robert D. Teer, Jr. 

Mr. Teer takes an active role from the initial concept of raw land, through development, design construction and budget responsibilities.

Teer Associates has elected to remain a Triangle Area developer not only because of my belief in hands-on development, but also because of my desire to visit each project everyday.  Corporate employees spend nearly 10 hours a day at their workplace, and they require a comfortable environment.  At Teer Associates we work hard to provide that kind of space, and if something needs attention, our primary concern is to give excellent customer service until all the client's goals are attained.  We must be doing something right, because our retention rate is over 95 percent.  Teer Associates is proud of that record."





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