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Glaxo Bide Building
Glaxo Bide Building

Triangle Demographics


  • 7,000 total acres
  • 8 miles long, 2 miles wide


  • 157 organizations are located in the Park
  • 119 research and development-related organizations
  • Approximately 82% of the employees in the Park work for multinational corporations

Research in a

wide variety of fields, including:

 Biotechnology/Biopharmaceutical  Computer Hardware and Software
 Chemicals  Environmental Sciences
 Information Technology  Instrumentation
 Materials Science  Microelectronics
 Pharmaceuticals  Public Health
 Telecommunications  Statistics


  • An estimated 39,000 employees work in RTP
    (Over 44,000 including contract employees)
  • 97.3 % of employees work for R&D related organizations
  • Almost 42% of Park employers have less than 10 employees
  • The average salary of an RTP employee is $56,000


  • Development surpasses 19 million square feet
  • Capital investment exceeds $2 billion
  • Total payroll is estimated at $2.7 billion

*Information courtesy of the Research Triangle Foundation                          

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